Associates In Internal Medicine Specialties
Associates In Internal Medicine Specialties   

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18306 Middlebelt Rd

Livonia, MI 48152


Call: (248) 477-2360

Fax: (248) 477-8356 




Hours of Operation: 


Monday: 9:00-4:30

Tuesday: 9:00-5:00

Wednesday: 9:00-4:30

Thursday: 9:00-4:30

Friday: 9:00-4:30

Each Provider has different office hours so please call to find out which is right for you!




Talk to a Medical Assistant

-Medication refills

-Forms filled out



Carnethia: Mallory Fox and Dr. Doig 



P: (248) 477-2360 ask to be connected directly to the above assistant and they will handle all your needs

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