Associates In Internal Medicine Specialties
Associates In Internal Medicine Specialties   

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To Make your Appointment with Dr. Doig, Dr. D'Avanzo or Dr. Fox

Call: (248) 477-2360



18306 Middlebelt Rd

Livonia, MI 48152

Fax: (248) 477-8356 

We are the brick building in the far back



We also service:

Heartland University Nursing/Rehab on 5 mile and Heartland Dearborn Heights for all your SubAcute and Longterm/Hospice Care (Fox/Doig)





Talk to our Medical Assistant Carnethia

-Medication refills

-Forms filled out


*She is the back bone of our operations, without her, we couldnt do our jobs! 


P: (248) 477-2360 ask to be connected directly to the above assistant and they will handle all your needs




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