Associates In Internal Medicine Specialties
Associates In Internal Medicine Specialties   

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18306 Middlebelt Rd

Livonia, MI 48152


Call: (248) 477-2360

Fax: (248) 477-8356 

Hours of Operation: 


Monday: 9:00-4:30

Tuesday: 9:00-5:30

Wednesday: 9:00-4:30

Thursday: 9:00-4:30

Friday: 9:00-4:30

Each Provider has different office hours so please call to find out which is right for you!


We also service:

Heartland University Nursing/Rehab on 5 mile for all your SubAcute and Longterm/Hospice Care (Fox/Doig)


Memory Lane Assisted Living Dementia Home of Ypsilanti (Fox Only) Primary Care Provider for Severe Dementia and Hospice Care 



Want to make an appointment online? See whats available now by clicking the link below!















(Medical Assistant)




Talk to a Medical Assistant

-Medication refills

-Forms filled out


*She is the back bone of our operations, without her, we couldnt do our jobs! 



P: (248) 477-2360 ask to be connected directly to the above assistant and they will handle all your needs




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